Release struggle               Gain Clarity              Experience Juicyness

I assist those who want to live in more joy, intention and ease.  Those who want to experience and live life in an embodied, empowered and juicy way.

For 30 years I have utilized my extensive background in body-centered psychology, intuitive arts, mindfulness, shamanic and energetic healing, universal spirituality and education to facilitate lasting transformation. I am grounded, caring, and focused on the revealing of my client’s wholeness.

People seek my support for many reasons. They may:

  • Want to be in a group for support and empowerment
  • Feel stuck or overwhelmed
  • Have a disease or pain process
  • Be a highly sensitive person and take on others energies
  • Need someone to believe in their magnificence and possibility
  • Want a direct experience with their core essence
  • Need tools to build a relationship with their intuition and guidance
  • Struggle with bringing their full expression to home and work
  • Want to get more in touch with their body
  • Are wanting to discover and release why something is happening in their life

To learn how I may partner with you give me a call at  503-680-5810 or click here.

Beth Welton-Miller, Vibrant Living
Beth Welton-Miller, M.S.,L.M.T

      Intuitive Guidance, Energetic Clearing           Body-Mind Balancing

“True healing is not about needing to fix our selves but being present with what is. We then get to connect with ourselves in a way that brings us into integrity with who we are. By living in this wholeness, we radiate out with the luminosity needed to transform ourselves, others, and our planet.”

Workshops / Groups

If you like learning in community, join an experiential workshop or group that helps you cultivate the skills and practices to make impactful and lasting changes in your life and others.Get support to live consciously, manifesting a life that is connected to your soul.

Book / Writings

Health - Mind, Body, SoulRead about Journey to Self in Beth’s chapter of the book titled; Health: Mind Body Soul: America’s Health Experts share what it takes for you to achieve a more enriching and purposeful life.

Energy Healing / Coaching

If you want to discover and live more from your core essence, invest in one on one work with Beth and receive support to release what is stopping you from connecting with your intrinsic wholeness. Gain the resources to imagine and live into a new way of life, connected, empowered and free.