Workshops, Groups, Community

Beth Welton-Miller combines her skills in experiential transformation and body-centered practices into hands-on group learning events that inspire self-awareness, healing, and connection with wholeness. These events are always inspiring, heartful, and empowering. As a participant, you will receive the tools you need to immediately apply what you learn to your life.

She provides workshops for organizations, associations and the public. Workshops can be customized for your group.

Some workshops and groups include:

  • Women’s Wisdom: Following Your Heart
  • Women Wild and Free
  • Women’s Wisdom Circles
  • Be Your Light: Embodying Your Wholeness
  • Living in Your Body: Powerful Tools for Body-Mind Awareness
  • The Power of Presence: Showing up Fully in Your Life
  • The Energetic Connection: Techniques to Sense and Work with Energy
  • The Way of the Belly: Nourishment, Power, and Energy
  • The Conscious Bodyworker Program
  • The Power of Conscious Engagement

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Cultivating Communities of Conscious Presence and Care

If you are wanting ongoing support, insight and expression in your evolution with other people on the path this may be just for you. We work with consciousness tools in a supportive community of people who are also evolving and learning. We consciously engage with what is in our life and honor and learn be present with wonder and compassion. To have a community that we get mirrors of who we are and what can become is powerful. Come and share your light and dark. Be yourself and explore your wholeness and potential.

Wholeness Circles

Wholeness is who we are. It is our core self-experiencing connection to all and the balance and flow it provides. A wholeness circle is a time to play fully into our wholeness, to share, and manifest who we are becoming as a self, community and planet. We call on the power of collective manifestation and energy. We will charge up our dreams and becomings and let go of that which holds us back and choose to shifts our perceptions and brainwaves and live our wild and free essence.

If any of these workshops or groups speak to you don’t hesitate to contact me with your interest so we can bring a group together.